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TAZ-UP and TAZ-Verify (1998-2000)

The Census 2000 TAZ-UP Program was initiated in 1998 and completed in 2000. The FHWA contracted with the firm Election Data Services to create the software TAZ-UP which worked with the 1998 version of the Census Bureau's TIGER/Line files, and the GIS software ArcView. The FHWA then distributed the TAZ-UP software to metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and state transportation departments to delineate traffic analysis zones (TAZ) for the Census 2000 Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP-2000). The MPO/State DOT process was completed between June and September 1999.

 The Census Bureau then developed the 1999 TIGER/Line files that included the DRAFT version of the MPO/DOT delineated TAZ boundaries. These draft TAZ boundaries were verified using the software TAZ-Verify. This verification process was completed by MPOs and State DOTs in April through June 2000.

 Final versions of Traffic Analysis Zones are included in the 2000 and newer versions of the Census Bureau's TIGER/Line files. For more information on TIGER/Line, visit the Census Bureau's TIGER site at: www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/

 States or MPOs who did not participate in the TAZ delineation program were given the option of requesting CTPP 2000 data at either the census tract or block group level of detail. States and MPOs also had the option of using other GIS or manual methods to prepare block-to-TAZ equivalency files.

Work-Up (1999-2000)

The Census Workplace Update Program was completed May 2000. The purpose of the Workplace Update (Work-Up) program was to give MPOs and State DOTs the opportunity to review, update and correct the list of employers the Census Bureau would use in 2000 workplace geocoding. The Census Bureau contracted with the firm ESRI to develop the software WORK-UP. The WORK-UP software used the 1998 TIGER/Line files, the software ArcView, and a licensed (leased) version of the commercial business database from InfoUSA (formerly American Business Information or ABI). MPOs and State DOTs worked on the workplace update program between March and May 2000.

 For more information on this completed program, contact Ms. Clara Reschovsky of the Census Bureau at: clara.a.reschovsky@census.gov.

Page last updated: September 12, 2002