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>CTPP-NEWS is the name of our mailing list.  Its backbone is software called mailman.  The mailing list is maintained as a volunteer effort by Chris Parrinello who has it running on a personal server called chrispy.net. Ed Christopher, acting on behalf of the subcommittee, is responsible for the policy direction (the rules) of the list. The content of the list is the responsibility of those who mail to it and use it.

CTPP-NEWS was created for the exchange of information among those who have an interest in census data matters as they relate to transportation planning.  The focus of the list spans a broad spectrum of census related activities including applied uses of the data, census form content, collection procedures, methodologies and dissemination programs, all within the context of past,  present and future censuses.  In short, the contributors to CTPP-NEWS talk about census data in a transportation context.

CTPP-NEWS thrives on the input of its members (subscribers).  This list contains discussion threads, latest press releases, relevant news, and any other census information the members post. If you have an interest in the transportation aspects of the census, this list is for you.

CTPP-NEWS is easy to join. Just go to https://mailman.chrispy.net/postorius/lists/ctpp-news.mailman.chrispy.net/ and follow the instructions

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